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TRB Credit Financials, LLC aspires to provide substantial services through credit restoration.  We are here to inspire, motivate and educate our clients, while enhancing their credit score and giving them the financial freedom that they deserve! 


At TRB Credit Financials, LLC, our vision is to gain our clients trust in helping them with their individual credit needs.  We understand the importance of having financial freedom.  That's why we will make it our duty to not only educate our clients on how to maintain their credit goals, but to build a trustworthy relationship where they can walk away with confidence!

"It's the power of increase!"


My name is Tamika Robinson, and I am the CEO and Founder of TRB Credit Financials.  I am a Board Certified Credit Consultant and a registered member of the Credit Consultants Association.  As a woman who holds two degrees; Bachelors in Health Services Administration/ Minor in Human Resources Management  and an Associates in Health Information Technology; I truly understand the importance of education within your lifestyle.  I want to be a resource for my clients, and teach them what isn't taught in an educational institution.  

I was a single parent and college student in her early 20s trying to pay for her education and buy a car.  I had SO MANY responsibilities, from bills to diapers.  I had access to credit cards that I'd maxed out, and wasn't able to pay back.  No one educated me on the importance of credit, which caused my credit score to drop significantly.  Not only did this delay the process of me finishing my degree, but I also couldn't get a car without a cosigner.


I was a young adult trying to be INDEPENDENT with a DEPENDENT credit score.  I realized enough was enough!!!  I didn't want to depend on anyone helping me get the things I needed as an adult in my life.  What did I do?  I printed out my credit report, started disputing inaccuracies and paid off financial debt.  In return, I got a 700 credit score!  I was gaining my financial freedom back, and I got my dream car WITHOUT a cosigner!

NOW I have the financial freedom I deserve and the education to prolong my independence.  I finished college with 2 degrees, I can buy any car that I want and I paved the way for myself to become a homeowner at the age of 28.  Here I am, now able to run a successful credit repair business that puts my client's needs first, and give them the same opportunities that I had!

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